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Listen to The Curve: Innovation in Building Services (Episode One)

Joe Smith, Technical Manager
Joe Smith, Technical Manager

Welcome to the exciting first episode of our new podcast series, 'The Curve: Innovation in Building Services'. We're kicking off this series with Episode 1: Innovation in Pump Technology where we dive into the interesting world of pump technology, exploring emerging trends and future advancements influencing pump system designs.

In this inaugural episode, deckpro's Technical Manager, Joe Smith, shares his insights on everything from advancements in ROI calculations to the integration of smart technologies. Joe discusses how these innovations are driving improvements in efficiency, reducing costs, and saving energy.

This episode is packed with expert knowledge and practical advice that anyone involved in pump technology won't want to miss. Listen to the full podcast here:

What to Expect from This Episode:

  • Optimising Pump Systems: discover how to enhance pump performance and achieve significant savings.

  • Common Challenges: learn about common maintenance issues, how to overcome budget restraints and avoid common mistakes.

  • Extending Equipment Life: gain insights into how you can prolong the life of your pump systems.

  • Critical Role of Pumps: understand the importance of pumps in infrastructure and the severe consequences of neglect.

  • Investing in Reliability: explore why investment in reliable equipment is crucial for efficiency, cost-saving, and safeguarding building occupants.

Coming Up in the Series:

Stay tuned for more episodes of 'The Curve: Innovation in Building Services', where we continue to explore the fascinating world of pump technology and innovation.

Next time, we'll be exploring the world of controls. Subscribe to the series by clicking the below link, and ensure you never miss an episode.


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