27 May 2019

A long term challenge at Deckpro has been sewage pump stations that block regularly, despite regular maintenance.  This can often run over many years and such problem pump chambers can rack up many thousands of pounds in tankering costs.

As a result of this, we have dev...

23 May 2019

If your Grundfos Magna pump is showing an error code, here's some ways you can resolve these issues.

30 Apr 2019

Pump refurbishments fail most of the time if these points aren't done right. Make sure you're using the right company with the right knowledge, or your cheap option ends up being a lot, lot more expensive!

29 Mar 2019

Imagine if your chiller pumps stopped working today.  

Right, that was a pretty morbid thought.  Needless to say it does happen, and being in the pump business we see it more often than we'd like.  Chiller pumps are particularly vulnerable, partly because they tend to b...

28 Feb 2019

Many of our clients keep back-up pumps for the highest profile pump tasks on important sites.  For low-cost pumps performing non-critical tasks it's just not worth it.  The question is: at what point is it worth the extra cost? 

Many property manager...

31 Jan 2019

A cesspit is an old fashioned solution to dealing with waste water, be it foul or storm water. 

Most were installed in an era when compact, highly efficient pumps, and the associated control systems and ‎mounting systems, were not available.  For some, having to call a...

28 Dec 2018

Occasionally we have a client managing a site with a fixed speed cold water booster set where they're experiencing fluctuating water pressures.  It can be a frustrating issue to deal with, as inevitably when an engineer goes to investigate it seems to be working fine....

4 Apr 2017

Another good reason to book for the Facilities Show this year: the line-up of inspirational speakers has been announced.  

  • Double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes

  • Rock star Professor Brian Cox OBE

  • Falklands War veteran Simon Weston CBE

The inspir...

31 Mar 2017

We're exhibiting at the Facilities Show again this year!  

Following great exhibitions in 2014 and 2015 where we met lots of people who we've worked with ever since (you know who you are...thank you!), we decided to exhibit again this year.

The show gets bigger and bette...

22 Mar 2017

deckpro's take on World Water Day 2017: why waste water? Find out the top 6 ways to save billions of gallons of water with suggestions from the team.

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