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Our own 12 months parts and labour warranty on all work carried out!

Our services - supply, consult, maintain, repair


We work with a wide range of pump manufacturers to ensure the best and most economical selection for you.  From standard centrifugal pumps to gear pumps, and from dosing pumps to booster sets, all the options are here to choose from.

If you’ve got a specific pump you need, let us know and we’ll make sure you get a competitive price.  If you're not sure what pump you need, we’ll look at the alternatives to ensure the pump you end up with is the best option around - powerful enough to do the job but small enough to maximise efficiency.

Part of our mission is to to solve any pump-related challenge anywhere, so if you’ve got a bit of a tricky application or problems with a pump that’s currently installed, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to get some suggestions together for you.


Our team of trained, professional consultant engineers are on hand to help.

Whether it be rectifying a defective system, or design of a new system, we have years of experience we can leverage to help you.  Regardless of whether you have an urgent requirement or simply need to pick our brains, we are here to provide dedicated help to your challenge.

Just drop us a line or give us a call on 0845 301 7691 to speak to someone.


Typically, over the lifetime of a pump, twice as much is spent on maintenance and repair as on the initial purchase.  It is important to budget for maintaining your pumps.   Be aware that costs are unavoidable, and prepare ahead of time to minimise them.

Effective preventive maintenance can not only make cost savings, but it will also save considerable time and hassle.  What would happen if a pump that was critical to your processes stopped working one day without any warning?  And how many of your pumps are critical to your processes?

We’ll discuss with you how to weigh up whether it is effective to have a planned maintenance contract on each of your pumps.  Remember that sometimes it can even be more efficient to just leave a pump until it fails, but it does depend on a combination of several factors.


We’ve found that usually when you need a repair, you need it fast and it needs to be right first time.

Sometimes a pump repair can be a question of replacing or modifying a part and re-installing the pump.  Often, though, it’s not that simple.  For instance, if the pump can’t be removed or the part isn’t easily available, it needs some thinking outside the box.  That’s where our experience and technical knowledge kick in!

In addition to this, our unique and free of charge tagging service gives us the ability to provide the fastest and most accurate responses to any pump breakdown.  Often a pump can be a small but very critical part of a larger operation, so time becomes a very expensive commodity.  Maximising efficiency is key to the way our emergency pump repair response is geared.  And don’t forget we have a 24 hour, 7 days a week help line - 0845 301 7691.

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