About us

Our Mission

We supply, install, maintain and repair all types of pumps and pump systems.  Our mission is to solve any pump-related challenge anywhere, within the shortest possible timeframe.  By providing high quality, reliable goods and services we empower our clients to fulfil their own missions.

Our Vision

We strive to be the fastest and most effective provider of complete fluid transfer solutions in the UK.

Our Values

We will stand true to the following values in every relationship we have, without compromise;

  • Solution-oriented - proactively creating better outcomes

  • Agile - reacting to every challenge quickly and positively, above and beyond expectations

  • Continually improving - increasing value for customers by eliminating waste

Why Choose Us?

Five good reasons:

  1. Cost saving - our focus on cost reduction means savings for you in the short, medium and long term, both on the work completed and on the running and maintenance

  2. Risk aversion - we offer a fixed price quotation on all work we carry out.  If any complications arise we'll sort them at no extra cost to you.  That means easy budgeting and cost control.

  3. Time saving - part of our mission is to solve any pump-related challenge 'within the shortest possible timeframe'.  A 24/7 phone line and fast turnaround minimises downtime and inconvenience to you.

  4. Guarantee - all of our work comes with a 12 month warranty, for your peace of mind.  So if there are any issues further down the line, we'll come back as many times as required (free of charge) to fix it.

  5. Convenience - we work with any pump, anywhere.  With years of experience in the pump industry we can take the effort out of the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of your pumps and pump systems.


Our services