BFP Anti-Clog Technology for Foul Water Pumps

A long term challenge at Deckpro has been sewage pump stations that block regularly, despite regular maintenance. This can often run over many years and such problem pump chambers can rack up many thousands of pounds in tankering costs.

As a result of this, we have developed our own BFP Anti-Clog Technology (Patent Pending). In short this gives a massive boost of power (typically 2-3 times normal rated power) to blast solids through a pump and off through the rising main. This means that with a short-term boost of power we can force items through that would normally have blocked the pump. Whilst we are limited on the size of solid we can handle due to the diameter of the rising main pipework, we can use the extra power available through BFP to force malleable solids -such as rag - through the system.

Normally any standard foul water pump station can be upgraded to use pumps with BFP Anti-Clog Technology. If the existing power supply is not sufficient, Deckpro are able to upgrade power as part of our turnkey packages. Three phase power is required to operate BFP systems.

While we are still gathering data on the effectivness of such systems, initial results suggest a 70-90% reduction in blockages. This is considerable, especially considering that many of the systems we are trialling the BFP Anti-Clog Technology on are difficult applications with a long history of blockages.

If you have a pump station that is repeatedly blocking, please get in touch to see if BFP Anti-Clog Technology is suitable for your applications. Our engineers are available to talk to on 020 3026 3650.