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We're raising money for charity (again)

Christmas jumper day at deckpro

This time we're joining the Christmas jumper fun to raise money for Save the Children.

On 16th December the country will be full of people 'wearing a woolly and saving lives' (see for more info). It's a great cause so we're joining in too.

We wanted to make sure as many of the team as possible participated, so we've upped the stakes a bit - we're donating a £50 voucher to the person with the wackiest jumper. We're going to be judging each other, but hopefully it won't get too heated!

To make the most of the chance to raise money for charity, and to prove we're not wearing daft jumpers because we like them (at least, not only because we like them!) the boss is also going to cook a barbecue breakfast for all of the team to enjoy (for a fee).

Stand by for some pictures of the crazy jumpers, and we'll let you know how much we raise altogether. If you want to show your support, just donate some money to Save the Children: that's the most important part of the day. You can donate online here:

Thanks for your support!

Wearing a woolly and saving lives at deckpro

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