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New and improved website

Welcome to our new website!

We've been posting articles for over three years now, and decided it was time to showcase our posts with a better layout and some additional information. Head over to now to check it out, make sure you go to the blog pages to see the bank of information that's there, then add your email address to our monthly mailing list and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest information, news and advice on all things pump-related.

Our posts are specifically helpful for: those involved in maintaining pumps and pump systems; those who look after budgets that include purchasing new pumps, maintaining/servicing pumps, or getting pumps repaired; and those who rely on pumps for the smooth running of their property or manufacturing operation.

One last piece of advice for now - if you're planning to turn the heating on next week, don't forget run the pumps up today to check for any leaks or rattles.

New pump website

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