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The Pump Station Replacement Kit

We’re glad to offer our latest innovation for solving pump-related challenges faster and more efficiently! We now stock the complete, simple system for replacing all internal parts on a pump station.

The kit consists of a pre-assembled set of parts ready to install into a pump chamber, including all pipework, valves and fittings. It can be used for any twin pump station for sewage or storm water, up to a depth of three metres. Making pump station refurbishments faster and more efficient reduces service downtime and dangerous confined space working. The complete assembly fits through any manhole down to minimum dimensions of 450 x 600mm and is universal to most types of pumps and systems. Available for 2”, 2½”, 3” and 4” discharge sizes from stock.


  • 2 no. Pedestals for pumps

  • 2 no. Non-return valves

  • 1 no. Gate valve

  • 4 no. Guide rails

  • Pipework and fittings required inside the chamber

  • Fixings for above

  • Partial assembly of kit ready for install

Installation of the system can be achieved with five steps:

  1. Place into chamber, cut vertical pipe to height of rising main and bolt on.

  2. Clamp coupling onto rising main and glue elbow on vertical pipe.

  3. Cut remaining pipe to length of distance between elbow and gate valve, then glue into elbow one end and bolt flange to gate valve other end.

  4. Cut guide rails to length, clamping in place with upper guide rail brackets.

  5. Bolt the claws to the pump discharges and lower into place, ready to use.

Click here to download your price list and full installation instructions.

The pump station replacement kit

Terms and conditions:

1. Kits for chamber depth of greater than three metres available, POA. 2. If the rising main is of a different size to the pump discharges then adaptors will be supplied. Please confirm at point of order. 3. Kits are only to be installed by competent persons following correct health and safety procedures. 4. Installation cost is valid within standard area only (click here to view). POA for installation outside of this area. 5. Installation assumes no obstructions (for example, old pipework left in pit, or limited access to site). POA for additional works to prepare for installation. 6. Chamber must be empty before installation starts, with no inflow for duration of works. 7. Pipe clamps and other forms of support may be required, contact us for prices on brackets and fixings. 8. Does not include pumps, chamber, or any other part not listed in ‘Contents’. 9. Maximum individual pump width 340mm. 10. Supplied with two PN10 flanged discharge brackets for connecting to the pumps. Adaptation may be required if the pumps do not have a PN10 flange. 11. May not be suitable for every individual application. Contact us to check your specific requirements.

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