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Control panel instructions: keeping sewage out of your hair

We’re often asked about different functions of sewage pump station control panels, so here’s a brief description of the different controls and what they do. If you have any questions then as always give us a call and we’ll be glad to help - 0845 301 7691.

  1. Main isolator to turn the pumps and panel on and off

  2. Illuminates when pump is running

  3. Illuminates when there's electricity to the panel

  4. Illuminates when there's a problem with the pump

  5. Illuminates when the chamber is full of water, meaning the pumps aren't taking water away quickly enough (if at all)

  6. Chooses between three modes for the pump:

  • 'Hand' - the pump runs continuously. Only to be used for a short period of time to manually empty the chamber, don't let the pumps run dry

  • 'Off' - the pump will not run

  • 'Auto' - the pump will run when the chamber starts to fill up, and stop when the chamber level has dropped again. The panel will usually use the pumps alternately so that they wear evenly, and if the chamber is filling quickly it will use both pumps

  1. Stops high level sounder

  2. Sounds when the chamber is full of water

  3. Another pump station control panel supplied and installed by deckpro pumps!

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