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No fixed speed booster sets

Do you have a cold water booster set? If you do, it will be used for giving you good cold water pressure throughout your property. Some are variable speed, where the pump runs at just the speed required. Some are fixed speed, where the only variation is how many pumps are running, not how fast they’re running at. In either case there are usually two or more pumps, which turn on individually or together to meet the demand at any particular time.

If you have a fixed speed cold water booster set, there’s a lot to gain by installing variable speed drives. In a world without fixed speed booster sets there would be:

  1. Reduced energy cost, as pumps only run at the minimum required speed.

  2. Reduced stress on pipework caused by water hammer.

  3. Increased motor life, as the inverters have a soft start/stop function and the pump only runs as required.

  4. The perfect pressure water supply, with adjustable pressure set points.

  5. Consistent supply, with auto changeover of duty in the event of pump failure.

  6. Even pump wear, by automatically balancing operational hours across all pumps.

  7. Improved functionality, if they are integrated with a BMS.

We supply and install variable speed drives for pumps. Contact us to discuss the cost and benefits of variable speed drives on your fixed speed cold water booster set.

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No fixed speed booster sets

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