Spring is in the air

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring. To mark the event we thought we’d let you know a couple of tips about one of the important parts of most pumps’ mechanical seal - the spring.

A mechanical seal’s spring is meant to hold the seal faces together. If it is set at the wrong length when it is fitted then it won’t exert the correct amount of pressure required. This can cause the seal to leak during idle periods, even though the seal faces won’t be worn. Often very difficult to spot, this issue is best avoided by using properly trained pump engineers to install the mechanical seal. We do offer a 12 month warranty on all the work we do, so if for some reason this happens to a pump we’ve worked on we’d repair it free of charge.

There’s a considerable amount of stress on the spring, and this increases the risk of failure due to corrosion. Corrosive materials become more corrosive when heated, so if there is a problem with the pump and it starts to heat up then the spring is particularly liable to fail.

As always, give us a call if there’s any pump-related challenges to solve!

Spring for seals in pumps