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Understanding pumps

A centrifugal pump is a relatively simple piece of equipment. Simply a spinning impeller encased in a housing, powered by an electric motor or similar form of propulsion. However, specifying can be a lot more complex than just choosing the best pump for the system flow and pressure required. Why?

The hard part is specifying a pump that will not only be fit for purpose, but will be energy efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective. There are lots of factors other than the obvious ones that will affect this, such as:

  • Hours running per day

  • Atmospheric conditions

  • Importance of function

  • Required lifespan

If you want a pump that will last for the required timescale, will be inexpensive over its lifespan, and will do the job for you, make sure it’s specified by someone who knows how to solve pump-related challenges for the long term.

Understanding pumps

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