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Specifying replacements for obsolete pumps

Eventually, a pump fails. If it’s been specified, built and maintained properly the chances are that it’s now obsolete, as pumps tend to last longer than the manufacturers keep any pump model in production. Specifying replacements for these old pumps can be a challenge.

It’s rare that there will be a pump available of exactly the same dimensions and performance. How can similar performance characteristics be achieved without having to carry out too much reconfiguration of the pipework or electrical supply?

An added complication arises when the data plate is missing from the old pump, requiring analysis of the pump details to find out what it is and how it should perform.

Imagine the consequences of installing a new pump, only to find that it wasn’t powerful enough to boost the cold water up to the top floor. Or to heat the building properly. Or to pump the sewage away fast enough. Particularly if there’s no backup pump!

As pump specialists we have a wide knowledge of pump manufacturers and models, and are experienced in specifying replacement pumps, so we know what to look for and what the pitfalls are. If you need a pump replacement, give us a call on 0845 301 7691.

Specifying replacement pumps
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