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Catastrophic chiller pump failure

Imagine if your chiller pumps stopped working today.

chiller pump failure

Right, that was a pretty morbid thought. Needless to say it does happen, and being in the pump business we see it more often than we'd like. Chiller pumps are particularly vulnerable, partly because they tend to be big and expensive so they're a tempting option to leave out of this year's budget.

Facilities Managers are very aware of how office temperature affects productivity. A failed chiller system on a hot Friday afternoon = no work done. Let alone a hospital ward, a care home, an operating's worth checking your chiller pumps today!

Aside from the usual warnings to maintain your pumps properly, there's another important message here though: energy saving. Chiller pumps typically have larger motors and greater potential efficiency savings, but they're often overlooked for energy saving measures. By correctly configuring the variable speed drive (VSD), and installing a VSD in the first place if there isn't one already, in many cases energy savings of 25-50% can be made.

One last point, when chiller pumps are being refurbished it's essential that thought is given to the seal type. Liquids like glycol need special handling, and a correctly specified seal makes a world of difference to the length of the pump's life.

chiller pumps

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