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Pumping 11bn litres of sewage EVERY DAY

Every day, approximately 11 billion litres of sewage are ‘created’ in the UK.

To put that in context, that’s enough to fill the QE2 fifty-five times over. Every day.

While much of that sewage is moved through gravity drainage, a lot of it is also pumped at least once before it even gets to the sewage treatment plant (of which there are around 9,000 in the UK). These sewage pumps are run by anyone from the house or business owner, through landlords and property management companies, to water boards. Plus a few others in between.

What’s important is that you know if you have one or more sewage pump stations, and then if so that you know how you are going to extend the life of the pumps and protect yourself against sewage pump failure.

Pumping sewage

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