3 Jan 2017

Further to our blog post last month letting you know we were moving, we're now successfully installed at our new site.  Fast and effective as usual!  

Our new address is:

Unit 13 Young's Industrial Estate

Stanbridge Road

Leighton Buzzard


Our other contact detail...

24 Oct 2016

We've launched our new helpdesk!  

In the fast-moving world of pump maintenance, there's less and less time to react.  That's why our emphasis is on preventative maintenance, so it's fixed before it breaks.  However, from time to time you need us to respond quickly so w...

1 Jan 2016

2016 has arrived.  Last year we made lots of steps forward, including the digitalisation of our service record sheets, the launch of the SPS servicing scheme and the regular news updates via our website and LinkedIn.  Thank you to everybody who helped make it a success...

30 Oct 2015

Okay, so a pumpkin was a bit of a diversion for us - more trick than treat…

The point is, though, that we work with any pump, anywhere.  We’re focusing on 2016 now, and our key goal is to be faster and more effective at supplying, installing, maintaining and repairing...

29 Apr 2015

The spine-tailed swift can power itself up to over 100 mph.  That’s faster than any other bird.  The Peregrine Falcon, which is famed for its speed, can only fly at up to 60 mph under its own strength.

Speed isn’t everything, but it can be very important sometimes!


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