23 May 2019

If your Grundfos Magna pump is showing an error code, here's some ways you can resolve these issues.

13 Dec 2016

Managing a sewage pump station can be a smelly business.  The million dollar question is always, "How can we prevent blockages"? 

The stock answer to questions like this is normally, 'it depends'.  We don't find that kind of answer too useful, so we've address...

24 Dec 2015

We’re here all year round, but of all months December can be the most challenging.  The shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, and other social venues are all at their busiest.  Combined with this, the onset of colder weather brings challenges for the heating system.  That’...

31 Aug 2015

While your organisation keeps powering ahead, take a minute to save our contact details somewhere handy.  You’ll be glad you did if you have a pump breakdown, or any urgent pump requirements.  Remember:

  • We supply, install, maintain, and repair pumps and pump-re...

17 Aug 2015

We’ll keep it running.

The key with preventive maintenance of pumps is to prevent them breaking down, or at least to give advance warning of any pump issues.  Our specialist teams of pump engineers are trained to do just that.  If you’ve had enough of pump breakdowns, g...

13 May 2015

Old, familiar pumps, that you’ve run with for years.  You know they’re on the way out but they’ve never let you down yet and besides, because they’re well run in they’re probably better now than they’ve ever been, right?

Try a risk/benefit analysis on your pumps.  Look...

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