16 Nov 2016

Have you tried anti-ageing cream on your pumps?  No, it didn't work for us, either.  

If you're responsible for looking after pumps you'll know that it can be a bit nerve-racking at times, particularly towards the end of a pump's life.  There are early warning...

9 Nov 2016

Our new customer portal goes live today!

We've launched the portal to allow you to see the status of current jobs open with us, review historic jobs that have been completed across your sites, and request new jobs.  It can be accessed via the 'Customer login' at the top...

7 Nov 2016

If you've got a booster set, there's a fair chance you've got a pressure vessel.  And if you haven't got a pressure vessel, you probably should.  But a lot of people don't fully understand their function, and they're often overlooked for maintenance.

In case y...

4 Nov 2016

Why are lifting chains connected to submersible pumps when the pumps are too heavy to be lifted out by hand, and pump engineers use a winch that hooks directly on to the pump?

If you've ever opened up the manhole cover over a submersible pump station, you may have notic...

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