30 Sep 2016

Researchers at Imperial College London claimed in a report last year that up to 200L of water could be consumed per gigabyte of data downloaded.

They also said the figure could be as low as 1L of water per gigabyte, so there's plenty of speculation involved - the true f...

28 Sep 2016

Welcome to our new website!  

We've been posting articles for over three years now, and decided it was time to showcase our posts with a better layout and some additional information.  Head over to www.deckpro.uk.com now to check it out, make sure you go to the blog pag...

1 Sep 2016

Do you ever have to make the decision whether to rewind a motor or replace the unit altogether?  It’s a tricky decision to make.  On the one hand, a rewind is usually cheaper, particularly if the motor is bigger than 5kW or it’s a more specialist motor (such as two spe...

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