29 Jun 2016

A progressive cavity pump is usually made up of a single helix rotor revolving within a double helix stator (‘helix’ refers to the shape, which is like a corkscrew).  As the rotor turns, being driven by the motor, it creates a space between the rotor and the stator whi...

16 Jun 2016

We’re often asked about different functions of sewage pump station control panels, so here’s a brief description of the different controls and what they do.  If you have any questions then as always give us a call and we’ll be glad to help - 0845 301 7691....

1 Jun 2016

This month we’re raising money for disabled children to get a break away this summer.  We’re going to donate £5.00 for every order we get during June.

The money will be given to the charity ‘3H Fund (Helping Hands for Holidays)’, registered charity number 286306.  Found...

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