23 Feb 2016

Air-operated double diaphragm pumps are a versatile option for a variety of applications.  Some of the key features of diaphragm pumps are:

  • No rotary or sliding seals in contact with the pumped liquid, reducing maintenance costs and allowing them to run dry without...

5 Feb 2016

The impeller on a submersible pump makes a big difference in preventing blockages.  Whether it’s for storm water or sewage, for high peak flows or just occasional use, choosing the right option will have long-lasting benefits.  Every type balances the need for efficien...

1 Feb 2016

Here are the basics of reading the key points on a pump curve.  The pump curve used for this illustration is for a Grundfos in-line circulator pump, and the principles apply to most types of centrifugal pump.


The required ‘Head’ (output pressure) from the pump is set a...

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