30 Oct 2015

Okay, so a pumpkin was a bit of a diversion for us - more trick than treat…

The point is, though, that we work with any pump, anywhere.  We’re focusing on 2016 now, and our key goal is to be faster and more effective at supplying, installing, maintaining and repairing...

28 Oct 2015

One of the most common causes of pump failure is the mechanical seal.  There’s many reasons why the mechanical seal could stop sealing, and some typical ones to look out for are shown here.

Specification error

The seal failure could have started right back when the pump...

26 Oct 2015

Out of sight tends to be out of mind with sewage pump stations but, as we often warn, if you don’t get your sewage pumps serviced then the first you know about a pump failure is usually the smell.

We can fix it for you.  However, to wait until it’s an emergency is not t...

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