29 Jan 2015

Is there anything you’d really like us to change?  How about us sending you a bar of chocolate every so often?  Or would you like one of us to drop past and say hello every couple of months so you can run any queries past us?  Or maybe you’re bored of that picture of j...

16 Jan 2015

Did you know, your heart pumps blood at about 5 l/min at up to 1.6m head?  Supplied c/w 4 no. Valves, it’s a whole different level of complexity from the most technical man-made pump out there.

Just a reminder next time you’re looking at an old, corroded circulation pum...

7 Jan 2015

Cavitation is when bubbles are made in the liquid being pumped, usually because the pump is having to ‘suck’ too hard.  These bubbles, bursting at high pressure on the impeller of the pump, slowly wear it away and reduce the efficiency of the pump.

We can repair this bu...

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